1. The text should be edited in Microsoft Office Word (Office 2003, 2007, 2010)
  2. Language of the article: English
  3. Page size: B5 JIS
  4. Article size: between 6 and 15 pages (minimum 3.500 words)
  5. Margins– 2,5 cm.;
  6. Spacing between lines: single;
  7. Font– Times New Roman; 11 pts., justified;
  8. Title of the article – uppercase, Times New Roman; 12 pts., centred
  9. The articles are sent together with a short bios of the author: scientific or academic title, instutional affiliation, contact adress (Times New Roman; 11 pts., aligned right)


Ph.D. Prof. Albert OGIEN

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

  1. Papers should have an Abstract (max. 250 words),  in english – Times New Roman; 10 pts., italic.  The abstract will present shortly the purpose, field of application, research methods, results and conclusions of the paper.
  2. 5 key-words – Times New Roman; 10 pts., italic. The key-words must be written in    English, separated by semicolons (;) and placed below the abstract.
  3. All the subtitles of the article should be numbered.
  4. Tables: All tables/figures should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Headings should be placed above tables/figures, centered. Leave one line space between the heading and the table. All tables/figures must be numbered consecutively, all figures, and all tables respectively. Source of the data from the tables should be mentioned between each table (Times New Roman 10, italic, aligned left)
  5. Referencesshould be cited as follows: the name of the author, year of the publication and page, all in parentheses (Giddens, 2000: 93) or if the name of the author is mentioned within a sentence it should be included as follows: … Giddens (2003, p. 93). At a first citation containing from three to five authors, all names are mentioned, afterwards, it is used [the first author] “et al.”. If more than one paper by the same author, from the same year is cited, the letters a, b, c etc. should included after the year of publication. The citation of a paper available online should be performed following the same rules as for a book or a magazine specifying the electronic address where it was consulted.
  6. References: the full list of the references cited in the text must be presented at the end of the paper, below annexes, in alphabetical order of the names of the authors and in a chronological order for a group of references by the same author. The order is the following: name of the author/ authors, year of appearance, title, publisher, city; for example:

Example: Giddens, Anthony (2000), Sociologie, Bucharest: All

For any other information, please email to:
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Editor-in-chief: Gabriela MOTOI –
Editorial Secretary: Vlad CIOACĂ  –